nft - I made this for you

nft - I made this for you


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This story came to me during a meditation retreat on a small island in the Pacific. I'm stewarding the story forward with love and optimism.

"I made this for you" is abundant with some of the same spirit of that defines the best web3, nft, metaverse communities.

The first NFT of "I made this for you" is a simple, text-only foundation. What comes next are the illustrated and animated versions of the story—closer to full experience I had when the story showed up. I minted it on OpenSea.

I will collaborate with different illustrators and creators to create many different versions of the story. I'm most excited to invite new artists into the world of web3 and nfts.

We're in a brave new world that is better enabling wild talents to live in their strengths.

"NFTs are people." - @punk6529

Enjoy. More.

🌈 Leif Oct 28, 2021